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A Green Flare

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Through time palms have always held an important role for people, symbolising peace, warmth and that little piece of paradise. The sight of this magical botanic brings out that special feeling in all of us. That’s the power it has.


 cahis forecast, green flare and palm trend in 2017

In general, there’s a huge interest involving plants and greens these days. Suddenly they popped up in every home, office, shop and restaurant. In art, interior spaces and definitely in fashion. How come?


cahis forecast, green flare and palm trend in 2017

In your home




cahis forecast, green flare and palm trend in 2017
In fashion




cahis forecast, green flare and palm trend in 2017

In art


A reason may be that we are making more sustainable choices in our every day life. We ride our bikes to work, eat organic food and grow our own plants. When knowing all the benefits of a green environment, no wonder we want to be surrounded by plants. Who doesn't want to be happy and feel rejuvenated?

Here are some known benefits of plants:

Helps reduce stress
Improves creativity and productivity
Improves air quality
Saves energy
Make you feel happier
Serves as shadow and barrier for privacy



cahis forecast green flare and palm tree trend in 2017

Another factor is how good they look. It´s like they were gone for some years and suddenly came back looking 10 times hotter. Plants have become the perfect accent to our surroundings. Whether they´re used inside, outside or in public spaces, they sure know how to make an impact.


There are endless plants to admire today. However, in 2017 it seems like many of us share a special thing for the palms. They just give us that simple flare and edge.



cahis forecast green flare palm trends 2017

 Speaking of edge, these cactuses will definitely bring it. And if you´re kind of lazy, they are a good match for you and your home.








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