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Oversized Proportions

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Large clothes or exaggerated volumes may not be immediately appealing for some, but what´s more comfortable wearing than a large sweater during winter or a caftan or wide legged pants during summer



oversized proportions summer 2017 trend forecast cahis



As with most trends, the large look didn’t come from our current time. Through the decades oversized shapes of clothing has played an important part of fashion. 60s through the 90s all came with distinctive shapes that has inspired the way we dress today. A-line, straight cut, flared, asymetryc, cocoon, tapered, fitted, oversized power shoulders and kimono style are variations of shapes designers are drawn to from season to season. A certain shape can set the entire mood  for several seasons.




oversized proportions, trend forecasting 2017 cahis



Part of a designer’s task is to work with fabrics, colors and design interesting proportions. For some reason the too big look seems to work for many of us, no matter size, age, culture or sex.




oversized proportions, trend forecasting 2017 cahis



Mix it up by combining something tight with big, go slightly big or “all the way” big. Maybe an exaggerated detailing or layering works best for you. We love the edgy and effortless look we get by dressing oversized. Traditionally womenswear has shapes and fun and menswear has details and sharpness. However, we all inspire each other.



 oversized proportions, trend forecasting 2017 cahis



  The secret of style is to look like we never try too hard




oversized proportions, trend forecasting 2017 cahis





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