SLOW STYLE FOR MODERN LIVING is the core of what we do. It is not just a design concept, it’s a way of life, and our take on sustainability as well.

Textiles is a major component of our daily lives and our goal is to offer quality natural materials that are gentle to our skin our & environment. We are committed to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible by sourcing natural fibers, left over fabrics and recycled materials. You can read all our self brag about it here. But that´s not enough. We all know that any production of textiles or other goods, have an impact on the environment. In order to create a more sustainable world we need to consume less but better. That is what slow style is all about, creating making products that are:

  • Versatile, so they can serve many purposes. If your items can be used in different ways, multiple occasions, and styled in different ways, you simple don’t need as many. 
  • High quality so they last for years. Using strong and durable materials means less need for replacing your items.
  • Timelessly beauitful so you’ll never get tired of them. If your items don't go out of style, you can keep using them and feel less need to replace them.
  • Comfortable, so you’ll want to wear them all the time. Because life is too short to be uncomfortable.
  • Made from natural and sustainable materials, so the production has a minimal impact on the environment. Conscious choices of materials and production certainly helps.
  • Made from decent manufacturers and well treated workers. We can not create a sustainable world if we don’t care for its people. We work closely with family-owned businesses who take great pride in their craftsmanship and good care of the people that make our products.