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Not only is it a beautifully breathable material, but it's considered one of the most sustainable fabrics out there. Here are our reasons for loving linen:

Strength and durability

Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibres, even found to get stronger with washes! This means that linen clothing will last for many years, making it a perfect addition to any conscious wardrobe.

Natural & sustainable

Linen is made from the resilient flax plants, that can grow in poor soils requiring much less water than other comparable plants. Almost all of the flax plant can be used, and there is very little to no wastage of the plants. Being a natural fibre it's also biodegradable.

Breathable and highly absorbent

As linen fibres are hollow they allow more airflow over your body than other materials. They are also highly absorbent, gaining up to 20% of their dry weight in moisture without feeling damp to touch. This makes linen perfect for sunny spells and warm getaways, helping you keep cool and dry.

Insect repelling

Yes, you read that! Linen is thought to naturally repel insects, so you're unlikely to find unwanted bite marks when taking out your warm weather wardrobe!


Flax plants are pulled from the ground to maintain the full length of their fibres, and left to soften for months before processed into yarn. This lengthy process is why linen is considered to be one of the most luxurious natural fabrics, and more expensive than other materials.

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Merino Wool fibers are true all-rounders that do exactly what you expect from them, whatever the season.

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