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aegean cotton

The Aegean Cotton is famous for its high quality fibres. Our home textiles, robes and slow style pieces are made from 100% Aegean cotton and other natural fabrics, all OEKO TEX Certified. This is why we use Aegean Cotton:

Softer & Stronger

Compared with other types of cotton the Aegean has longer fibers, making it especially fluffy and strong. Longer fibers mean smoother, softer threads, less likely to split or break. This simply makes our cotton products last longer. And with washing, Aegean cotton gets even softer over time.

Powerfully Absorbent

Ever dry off in the bathroom, only to feel a layer of frosty moisture hit your skin as soon as you open the door? The plush, long fibers of an Aegean Cotton towel pushes and absorbs moisture from your body, eliminating the risk of those chilly goosebumps.


While Pima and Egyptian cottons are known to be especially absorbent, luxury forms of cotton, they are also known for holding extreme levels of moisture, and can develop a stale smell. Aegean cotton is different in that it’s very absorbent but still dries quickly, making it ideal for warm and humid environments like the bathroom, spa and beach

Natural and Sustainable

Synthetic fibers have been known to aggravate sensitive skin, and some types may even contain traces of chemicals that could cause widespread irritation. Aegean cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, making it the perfect option for those prone to sensitivities. Cotton is also less likely to produce the dreaded static-cling that synthetic fibers are generally known for.

In addition our manufacturers uses only high quality OEKO TEX Certified, yarns. Being a natural fibre, it is also biodegradable.