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Merino Wool

Odor neutralizing & antibacterial

The structure of the Merino wool fibers prevents bacteria from settling in the fabric, which is the reason for that stuffy smell. Furthermore, moisture is absorbed directly into the fibers of merino wool, allowing less sweat to build up on the skin. Wool fibers also virtually have their own in-built washing machine: Keratin – the protein molecules in the merino fibers – simply breaks down the odor-forming bacteria, so we can enjoy the benefits of this unbeatable self-cleaning function and don’t have to wash our merino clothing as often. Your friends and the environment will thank you for it!

Moisture regulating

They can absorb up to 35% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet. The fiber surface remains dry, while the moisture moves to the fiber core, making you feel warm and comfortable, even when wet. Merino wool is also breathable, due to its fibers´ ability to absorb moisture and release it again when the moisture level drops. This is why it dries out quickly.

Tempearture regulating

Merino Wool fibers are true all-rounders that do exactly what you expect from them, whatever the season. The naturally rippled fibers serves as an insulating layer, protecting you from cold in the winter and heat in the summer.

Soft & Comfortable

The fine Merino wool fibers are so thin and soft that they simple bend when they come into contact with the skin, without creating any unpleasant sensations. Merino does not itch! 


Merino wool is naturally organic! All that is needed for these natural fibers to grow is water, fresh air, and tasty grass. Merino sheep are shorn once or twice a year and the process is purely manual labor and causes the animal no pain. Merino fibers can be bent up to 20,000 times without breaking, making it remarkably durable. And the fact that Merino do not have to be washed so frequently thanks to their self-cleaning function also has a positive impact on the environment.

UV protection

Merino wool absorbs UV radiation better than any other natural fabric.